Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Because of the economic troubles that many of us are sharing in at this time, we have been trying to cut back on our spending and look for ways in which we can save. This has required us to examine more closely how we live.

The weather has been getting colder, so I've been wearing my winter jacket lately. Today I happened to find an old folded invoice in the inside vest pocket. Scribbled on the front and back side of the paper were notes I had taken a couple years ago while listening to a lecture by Eugene Peterson. One of the quotes resonated with me.

"Prudence means taking what we have right now and using it intentionally for God. Everything you need to respond to God you have right now. You don't have to go looking for supplements. You don't have to take another course. You don't have to get your relationship tidied up, so you're ready. It's all there now! Exactly everything you need to respond to Jesus is there. And that's what prudence is__it's taking seriously what is given to us for the purposes of life and living. And for us, more specifically, living for God. Living intentionally with God."

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